Ark settings & mods


  • Crosshair: on

  • Max level on wild creatures: 150

  • Corpse locator: on

  • Unlimited respecs

  • Max creatures in cloud: 270

  • Max items in cloud: 150

  • Hitcounter: on

  • Fog: turned off

  • Can place water intake straight down in the ground, no creek/river/ocean needed.


  • Taming x3

  • Consumption x1

  • Egghatch x3

  • Mature x3

  • XP x1

  • ​Harvest x2

  • Dino Harvest x3

  • Fish loot x2

  • Passive tame x1


  • Taming x10

  • Consumption x1

  • Egghatch x10

  • Mature x10

  • XP x1

  • ​Harvest x10

  • Dino Harvest x10

  • Fish loot x10

  • Passive tame x10

  • Three players in a tribe.

  • Two tribes in an alliance.

Make sure to subscribe to all mods before you start playing on our servers. To do that you go to:

> Steam

> ARK Survival Evolved

> Workshop

> Mods

IP Adress

​​ARK: The Island

​​ARK: Scorched Earth

​​ARK: Aberration

​​ARK: Extinction

ARK: Valguero

ARK: Genesis - PvE TI - PvP SE - PvE AB - PvE EX - PvE VAL - PvE GE

Steam/Server name

Our host is Foppa, the owner of Foppas Gaming Community. Our servers have an uptime of close to 100%.

Webbased App

We have our very own webbased App where you can keep track of your dinos, food, turrets and more. Link:

Cross server chat

We have a cross server chat which means that you can talk to everyone regardless of which map they play on in our cluster.

Welcome to ARKNordic
The largest community in the North for the game ARK Survival Evolved.

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