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We have the rules below to ensure everyone's enjoyment and we expect everyone to read them before you start playing on any of our servers. Note: There are some specific rules for each map.


We wish you a warm welcome to - PVE, Extinction


We speak Swedish and/or English in the general chat. We do not tolerate excessive cursing, racism, personal attacks or immature behaviour in general. Treat everyone with respect!


You are not allowed to build in or block obelisks or large groups of resources, these should be available for all players. Some exceptions can be made in consultation between players and admins.


Cave entrances, to caves you can’t build in, are forbidden to block since these should be available to all players.


The ability to move freely around the world is very important. Buildings and rafts should not be blocking the path for players, nor dinos. One should be able to move around other players bases both on land and in water.


Do not build too close to or block other players bases. Please contact your neighbours or an admin if you are unsure. Placing structures to close to other players bases in order to intentionally block another players base is considered griefing and will be dealt with.


Do not claim a larger area than you actually need, having large empty spaces around the map is not okay. An exception can be made if you plan to build a large base, but be aware if you take too long this will result in an warning and if you still haven’t built in the area the blocking structures will be removed.


Griefing is never okay! Intentionally luring wild dinosaurs in order to harm other players dinos/bases or to kill other players by drowning, dropping them etc is forbidden. Accidents do happen but please talk with the player(s) involved and explain the situation.


If you’re going away for a longer period it’s very important that you notify the admins, make a forum post or post a message in Discord to prevent your bases from being demolished. You can also put up a sign in your base.


It’s obvious, cheating and abuse of game mechanics is forbidden.

Lost or stuck items/dinos

We (the administrators) are not responsible for any of your lost or stuck dinos/items. If we are able to help move or solve issues we do it when time present itself.


Remove structures like spiked walls, campfires etc around your taming spots, this helps preserve server performance.



Immature and/or provoking character/steam names shall be changed by either the player or administrators.



Hoarding dinos is not allowed, it affects players/bases and the server performance immensely. If you want to breed, breed one type of dino at a time and then upload them into the cloud, erase or adopt the leftover dinos.

Egg farming

Eggs are important for both taming and breeding therefore we have increased the egg laying settings on our servers. This means that the dinos lay eggs more often than usual. In regards of the server performance we recommend 1 male and 2-3 females of each tier (basic, simple, regular, superior, exceptional & extraordinary). 


One base per player is enough. If several players are in the same tribe they can have a larger base. If you have one base each, please consider the size of each base.


An outpost is okay if it’s small. When it’s not needed anymore, it should be removed.

Roaming animals

Wandering animals shall be within visual range of the player and within a fenced area (dino leach can be used inside base walls). It's not allowed to have animals set to wander outside the base without supervision. It's never okay to have animals set to aggressive unless you have them under direct supervision. This regardless if they're inside or outside the base.


Keep your animals within your base walls. Leaving unsupervised animals roaming freely may hinder other players which is considered griefing. Freely roaming animals will be removed from the ARK if they're not taken care of shortly after they are found. If you want some of your animals removed, contact an admin or use the Euthanasia gun from S+.

Note: Aggressive animals roaming the ARK will be removed by an admin, without warning.

Remember: Listen to admins and respect each other to keep a good atmosphere on the servers!


Violation of our rules will result in a direct warning and/or a kick/ban.

Repeated violation will result in a permanent ban across all our servers.

Serious violations or cheating/exploiting may result in an immediate ban without warning.

Administrator's responsibilities

We (the administrators) are not responsible for any of your lost or stuck dinos/items. If we are able to help move or solve issues we do it when time present itself.

Administrator’s play PvE on the same terms as everyone else and only use our powers in situations that benefit the ARKNordic's Community and deemed necessary. Even so, remember to listen to admins and respect each other to keep a good atmosphere on the servers!

Remember: Bugs and errors on the server might occur, and sometimes they are out of our control.

All rules are up to the admin's discretion. No trying to use loopholes. Do not impersonate an admin or claim an admin said or did something they did not. This will result in at minimum a warning.






Stella (Pudden)





Bases where players have been inactive for one month across our maps will, without notification, be removed by administrators.


This means that your bases, items and dinos permanently will be removed across all of our maps.

Therefore it is very important that you notify administrators via our website or discord server if you're going to be absent.


Remember: You can upload your dinos and items to the cloud during your absence via the obelisks or supply drops.


Cluster: Extinction

It's not allowed to start an OSD or Element Nodes unless you plan on killing everything that spawns. If you do this, it will count as griefing.

Do not block artifacts, these should be available for all the players on the map.

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