About us
​​ARK Nordic is a none profit gaming community run by Ark fans with money out of their own pockets, and your much appreciated donations.

We've been an active Ark community since the summer 2015. Even so, none of our current maps are that old. We clean them regularly, first weekend of each month, so the stay fresh.

We are a PvE community but we offer one PvP map. Our PvE maps are never wiped and our PvP map is wiped once every two months.

Most of our players are located in EU but we have players from all around the world. We have a friendly, mature and easy going atmosphere, and when we have time we arrange events to spice up the game play even more.

Our host is Foppa - Foppas gaming community - and our servers runs smoothly with an uptime of close to 100% (the server has great specs).

When you join our community you automatically accept our rules, but we ask that you read the rules before you log-in, thank you.

If you want to join our cause and keep ARK Nordic alive, remember to donate. No donation is too small.
From time to time we've offered other games besides Ark Survival Evolved such as Atlas, 7 days to die and Conan Exiles, depending on demand.
Thank you for your time and support, and welcome to ARK Nordic - your ARK Community!
Feel free to help us promote our community by using the poster below. Just click on the poster and download it. Thanks, and have a great day!
ARKNordic PR 2020 1.jpg