Events details

For details about our events, please check the event channel on discord.

Events during 2020

​Treasure Hunt (July 6th to July 18th)

PVP Event (23rd of May at 20:00)


Bunny Race (13th of April at 20:30)

​Corona Event (until the 31st of May) x2 on taming and breeding

​Guess the Screeny! (All weekends in January)


Events during 2019

​ARKNordic's Santa Claus (22-29th of December)

​Hunting thieves (12-25th of October)

​Riddle me this (12-15th of April)

​Manta Race (29th of March)

​Procoptodon Race (9th of March)

​The Lottery Event (18th of January to 3rd of February)

​Best Screenshot (4th of January to 13th of January)