To keep our admins 'safe' and make sure that they are treated with respect, our head admin (Sara) looks at the game logs from time to time. This is also done to make sure that no cheating occurs. It's important that our admins are treated with respect and that our players feel that they can trust them.


If you have any concerns regarding one specific admin, please talk to the admin it concerns, if possible, otherwise you can contact another admin and discuss the matter at hand. If you have delicate matters that you want to share regarding another player, please do so in a PM with an admin (we only involve the players/admins that it concerns).

  • Our admins plays on the same terms as our players. We do not allow admin abuse or cheating of any kind.

  • When spawning a creature/item, you inform the admin team about it and tell them why it's done.

  • Our admins do not use admin commands unless it's used for admin work (with a few exceptions, for ex. testing game mechanics).

  • All sensitive matters regarding our players are kept between the admins, and will be handled with care.

  • Treats everyone in the community with respect.

  • Our admins do not hand out any charity items/dinos.

  • Lost dinos or items due to game mechanics and/or bugs are only replaced if the admin group think its possible and just to do so.

  • If an admin is uncertain about something they will talk to the rest of the admin team before taking action.

  • No admin (nor player) will get special treatment for donating (large amounts of) money to the community.

  • No bribes are allowed or tolerated.

Last, our admins puts down a lot of time and effort into making our community as great as possible. They do this on their own spare time and they try to be available as much as possible. Please keep this in mind, and treat them with respect.


Moderators have the following responsibilities:

  • make sure that our rules are being followed by all our players,

  • be an extra pair of eyes on discord and in-game,

  • help/guide new players,

  • actively try to improve our community by giving feedback and/or come up with new ideas,

  • help with PR.