Since ARKNordic is a none profit gaming community run by Ark fans, with money out of their own pockets, your donations means a lot to us. It's what kept our community running for over five years. 

All donors gets a special treat - Good Will Points (GWP), which one can use in-game -- and a special role on our discord channel, Donor.

We'd like to thank all our donors. Without you the ARKNordic Community wouldn't exist.

Thank you for joining our cause - keeping the ARKNordic Community alive!


Our donors are:

Pozmex, Lupam, Sarbaz, Benji, Frhf, Stella (Pudden), Frallu, Chaya, Pauli, RJ, Balder, Kazma, Milugos, Micke, Nikke, Morkell, kanel, Aryien, Leaske, Ida, MrTengil, Blue, Goffe, Jimminy, Human, Dewoine, Gamling, Thunis, Bublan, Zara, Woffen, Cliston, Shobbe, Ancient, InZane, Kagaguge, M1ST, ThePunn, Hajkon & Gudfar.


Thank you!