RULES -:Conan Exiles

All our players should be aware of, and follow, our rules. As soon as you start playing on our servers you're required to follow them (even if you haven't read them). Therefor we want you to read them before you start playing on our servers.

We have the rules below to ensure everyone's enjoyment.

We wish you a warm welcome to our Conan servers

Conan Exiled Lands TTF [PVE] and Conan Isles of Siptah TTF [PVE]

We speak Swedish and/or English in the general chat. We do not tolerate excessive cursing, racism, personal attacks or immature behaviour in general. Treat everyone with respect.

You are not allowed to build in or block large groups of resources, these should be available for all players. Some exceptions can be made in consultation between players and admins.
Do not build too close to, or block, other players bases. If you're within visual range to your neighbour please talk to them about your building idea.

Please contact your neighbours or an admin if you are unsure.  
Do not claim a larger area than you actually need.​

Griefing is never okay! ​

If you’re going away for a longer period it’s important that you notify the admins, make a forum post or post a message on Discord to prevent your bases from being demolished. You can also put up a sign in your base.

It’s obvious, cheating and abuse of game mechanics are forbidden.

​Lost or stuck items/animals/thralls
We (the admins) are not responsible for any of your lost or stuck items/animals/thralls. If we are able to help we will when time presents itself.

Clean up after yourself. Remove empty or abandoned bases, camps etc.

Immature and/or provoking character/steam names shall be changed by either the player or admins.

Violation of our rules will result in a direct warning and/or a kick/ban.
Repeated violation will result in a permanent ban across all our servers.
Serious violations or cheating/exploiting may result in an immediate ban without warning.

Remember: All rules are up to the admin's discretion. No trying to use loopholes. Do not impersonate an admin or claim an admin said or did something they did not. This will result in at minimum a warning.
Listen to our admins and respect each other to keep a good atmosphere on the servers.


Enjoy your stay :)